Tuition Rates

Brooke’s Learning Corner
April 7, 2022

Enrollment Registration Fee

1 child/ $100.00

2 children/ $175.00

More than 2/ $50.00 each

6 weeks – 11 months

5 full days / $265.00

12 months – 18 months

5 full days/ $255.00

19 months – 35 months

5 full days/ $245.00

3 – 4 years

Not Potty Trained/ $190.00
Potty Trained/ $165.00

5-12 years

5 full days/ $120.00

5-12 years (After-Schoolers)

5 half-days/ $110.00 (transportation not included)

(B.L.C. Is only offering 1 flat rate)

Transportation Children

The transportation price will be determined, if a student is being transported round trip or one way. The director & parent will discuss this price during enrollment. For example: How many miles is needed, for transportation assistance

Activities & Field Trips

Our new prices will provide on-site activities, included in the tuition. The activities & field trips vary. Also, the activities & field trips will be given year round, depending on the weather conditions. All on-site and off-site field trips are subject to a fee that will be sent at a later date.

Example: Daycare/On-site Activity (Tumble Bus)/
Paid by Parents/ On-site Field Trip (Petting Zoo)
Daycare/ Off-Site Activity (Attending a Park within 5 miles)
Paid by Parents/ Off-site Field Trip (Downtown Aquarium)


Brooke’s Learning Corner students will be wearing uniforms, beginning in June. Brooke’s Learning Corner tops, and khaki or jean bottoms.


We will be creating a full infant/ toddler classroom, a Stem Classroom, Art Classroom, and a full Technology Lab Center.

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