About Us

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How We Started
This expanse is reserved for the history of Brooke’s Learning Corner. Please check back soon the next time you’re online.

Brooke’s Learning Corner is a known Child Care provider in Houston, Texas. We provide care services for your child that leaves you worry free as you focus on the things you need to work on. We make sure every child we care for is secured and in a safety net.

Our Mission
Brooke’s Learning Corner aims to deliver the care and love your child needs to develop a positive view of the world, helping him/her to assimilate and accentuate the value of responsibility, with high regard for others’ worth and the motivation to strive for lifelong learning.

Our Care Providers
Our care providers are individuals you can rely on. We are patient, responsible and optimistic in the kind of service we do. We understand how crucial this time is for a person’s whole being. For this reason, we see to it that your child gets the best of his/her foundation years with every touch and care we give.

Why Learning Should Start Early?

Caregiver responses, facial expressions and sounds, every touch and care, every stimulus is recognized by your child's developing brain...Read More