Toddler Corner

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Brooke’s Learning Corner implements the Baby Can Read, Mary PreSchool Lesson Plans, Toddler Edition Hooked On Phonics Discover Reading, and we are also teamed up with the University Of Texas.

Your Baby Can Read, motivates your little ones to improve both the quality and amount of time others spend with your baby. It helps provide every child an opportunity to learn higher-level language skills. It also as a positive correlation between literacy and self-esteem. The program supports early literacy, and believes that reading is the most important skill a child learns. Mary PreSchool Lesson Plans shares how toddlers learn how to be independent. They provide the toddlers with activities, projects and play time. Such as, indoor & outdoor games, arts & crafts, and language activities.

Toddler Edition Hooked On Phonics Discover Reading, encourages imagination and concept development, rhyming and word sound association, vocabulary development, problem-solving, challenges and puzzles. Technology will be included with numerous of learning activities through the use of computers and Ipads.

For our little ones Brooke’s Learning Corner has been grateful to be apart of Texas program. They have provided us with “Little Texans Big Futures”, your early learning guide for infants, toddlers, and three year olds.

Our VISION is for all Infants and Toddlers to grow and their communities.

Our MISSION is to engage in a comprehensive and collaboration process to develop and implement Texas infant, Toddler, and Three year old Early Language Guidelines.

Little Texans Big Futures guidelines focuses on Physical Health & Motor Development, Social & Emotional Development, Language & Communication Development, Cognitive Development, and Key Terms & Definitions.

Why Learning Should Start Early?

Caregiver responses, facial expressions and sounds, every touch and care, every stimulus is recognized by your child's developing brain...Read More