Preschool Corner

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Brooke’s Learning Corner implements the Baby Can Read, Mary PreSchool Weekly Lesson Plans, Monthly Workbooks, Circle Training and we are also teamed up with the University Of Texas. Technology will be included with numerous of learning activities through the use of computers and Ipads.

Your Baby Can Read, motivates your little ones to improve both the quality and amount of time others spend with your baby. It helps provide every child an opportunity to learn higher-level language skills. It also as a positive correlation between literacy and self-esteem. The program supports early literacy, and believes that reading is the most important skill a child learns. Mary PreSchool Lesson Plans, provides Lesson Plans that are broken down into Units, and Special Monthly Units. They provide the PreSchoolers with activities, projects, play time. Such as, indoor & outdoor games, arts & crafts, and language activities. provides us with workbooks that correlate and that can extend the children’s learning from the other programs listed.

Circle Training is a program that focuses on PreSchool Early Language and Literacy Including Mathematics. It identifies Best Practices, Social and Emotional Development, Phonological Awareness, Language Development, Book Reading, Letter Knowledge, and Mathematics.

The University Of Texas created a, Family Child Care Project it is to identify effective ways of teaching young children that will improve their ability to be successful when they enter Kindergarten. This program has supplied my learning center with educational materials, and supplies. The purpose of the program is to support the families, child care providers, and implement child development and school readiness interventions to improve quality and child development outcomes.

Why Learning Should Start Early?

Caregiver responses, facial expressions and sounds, every touch and care, every stimulus is recognized by your child's developing brain...Read More